Veneto Region and Asiago Plateau: walking with the Cimbrians

6 nights.

Asiago is the name of both a minor township and the surrounding plateau region. The Asiago plateau, better known as Altopiano di Asiago or Altopiano dei Sette Comuni, is the most extensive area of high plateau on Alps in the Province of Vicenza in the Veneto region of Northeastern Italy. It is near the border between the Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol regions in the foothills of the Alps, and about equidistant (100 km) from the major cities of Trento to the west and Venice, Verona, Padua and Vicenza to the south. Although probably best known internationally as the origin of Asiago cheese, Asiago was also the site of a major battle in the Alpine-War 1915-1918 between Austrian and Italian forces on the Alpine Front of World War I. It is a major ski resort destination as well as the site of the Astrophysical Observatory of Asiago, operated by the University of Padua.

Easy walks in the woods during the morning and relax in the afternoon in the wellness centre of the hotel. The Asiago plateau is an oasis of happiness which, thanks to the thousand year long tradition of the ancient Cimbrian population, can offer huge open spaces where you can have fun, relax or improve your cultural knowledge. In this corner of Italy there are many cross-country itineraries which are ideal in summer for walking and cycling.


arrival at the hotel in the afternoon. After dinner, we’ll take a walk along the Old Railway line. 


Cimbrian day. Walk from Bisele along the Ghelpac River. Here the atmosphere will remind you of the fascinating world of gnomes and fairies: the Leute Kuvela People Cave, the Bears Cave, the Schaff Kuvela, and the graffiti of the Val d’Assa. A snack at Waister farm, a slow food centre for Asiago cheese. 


"over the border" day, with an excursion to the Vezzena plateau. Malga Millegrobbe, Luserna Fort, lunch at Malga Campo and visit to the ancient Cimbrian village of Luserna, the only town where the entire population can speak the Cimbrian language. After dinner a moonlit walk to Mount Erio. 


"nature games" day. Excursion into the maze of Castelloni of San Marco. Alternatively, from Campomulo we can walk up to the war trenches of Mount Ortigara. Lunch at Campomuletto Refuge.


"fairy tales and legends" day. Altar Knotto, the devil’s altar, Alta Kugala, the ancient cave, Campolongo fort with its breathtaking views over the Astico Valley, the Sciason bottomless chasm, an ancient natural ice place where ice can be found all year round. Lunch at Campolongo Refuge with delicious canederli and gnocchi. Evening dancing to Cimbrian songs. 


"Great War" day. Excursion to the Marcesina plain. Starting from Malga Slapeur, Mount Castelgomberto, Mount Fior. Lunch at Barricata Refuge. 


shopping for your palate, choose from specialties such as: cheese from the Pennar cheese maker, Guoli honey, Rigoni jams, Ortigara cake and Kranebet liqueur.

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