Bike holidays

Our cycling holidays are laid-back and within everyone capabilities, include guided tours along flat cycle paths or low-traffic roads. On cycle paths it is easier to have conversations, laugh and admire the surroundings. The pace is purposely slow in order to be relaxing, considering the fact that most people spend their everyday lives stressing around. A holiday on two wheels is ideal for all: singles, couples, groups of friends and families with children. You donʼt have to be on top form and we will not be ashamed of getting off our bikes before a steep road section, instead there is always somebody willing to lend a helping hand and wait for us. Those cycling enthusiasts who constantly gauge their mileage with one eye and their heart-rate monitor with the other, clocking up mile after mile, do not usually choose our holidays! 

If you are bored of the same old vacations and are looking for something new but donʼt want an extreme holiday, then try having a bicycle holiday where your own independence is safeguarded. Everyone with Jonas has the chance to spend their week as they want to. You pedal with your own guide and the whole group during the first part of the day, in the afternoon you are free to explore the aspects of the holiday that most interest you. In this way we satisfy everyoneʼs needs and there is always some left-over time to visit the museums, the local markets or make an excursion further afield. During the week there is also the opportunity to get to know the local culture of the towns away from the big tourist crowds, by venturing out from the self-contained tourist villages.

For those wishing to pedal a little more, we also offer touring holidays in Italy and Europe. The daily mileage is slightly higher and in return you have the security of guaranteed night accommodation and, crucially, you donʼt have to worry about your luggage! Every night you will stay in a different hotel and enjoy a hot meal mean while our staff take care of your luggage.

We have carefully selected bicycles from the best cycle hire companies that we have been working with for years. Our comfortable city-bikes are picked-up in situ and are the best means of transport to discover your chosen destination. Bicycles are recognized all over the world as a non-aggressive means of transportation and are always welcome. Jonasʼ guides are often residents in the city you visit and therefore, know the most interesting places to see, and capable of offering valuable and thoughtful cultural ideas. They do this with the passion of those who relish the opportunity of sharing with others what they love about their city.