Sailing boat holidays

Spending a week sailing does not require you to be an expert sailor or to be part of a pre-arranged group. There is no obligation for you to book a whole yacht as Jonas organize also sailing holidays for people who travel alone, whilst those who have already formed a group can request an entire yacht for themselves. There are always plenty of opportunities to have a laugh and fun with your sailing group. Often a strong team spirit develops supported by jovial toasts and the enjoyment of good food prepared either by the skipper, the hostesses or the group members. A sailing holiday is fortunately not on the same standard as a cruise holiday: a cooperation spirit is needed between the crew members and participants. The beauty of the surroundings and the strong relationships forming between the members of the group are the best compensation for the spirit of adaptation that will be required.  

You can relax, enjoy the sun, explore coves with the boat tender, or even go to the mainland to visit places along the route. You spend the night onboard the boat anchored in protected bays, harbours or marinas equipped to accommodate pleasure boats, as for dinner you will decide whether to have it onboard or visit one of the typical restaurants in the small villages nearby. Jonas uses Italian skippers who are experienced seamen who look after the things on deck, whilst our hostesses or stewards will take care of the food preparation with the group involvement: it’s always so funny to cook together and discover the taste of Italian cuisine. A sailing holiday is a holiday of freedom; stages, stops and itinerary can be changed at the request of the participants, after all this is a holiday, not a regatta. The skipper will also be pleased to teach those, who show an interest, the fundamental manoeuvres of sailing a boat. Absolute fun at no extra price. Sailing boats are not buses. The skipper can decide at any time to change the navigation plan depending on weather conditions, to safeguard the safety and comfort of the group. A stoppage due to bad weather often offers the invaluable opportunity to explore the mainland.

Our sailing boats are spacious and comfortable; still it must be borne in mind that we are on a boat not in a hotel. Renouncing small comforts, added to a bit of adaptability, will lead to a better spirit of companionship and the feeling of spending a holiday that is as unique as only sailing holidays can be. We sail for the first part of the day so that there is plenty of spare time left to fully enjoy the pleasure of the sunshine and sea. This is a holiday for all: everybody takes part of life on board as best suited to them. The more sporty people can join the sailing activities, while those who prefer a slower pace can relax reading a book, basking in the sunshine on the deck and making the effort now and again to have a dip in the sea. However, taking a more active role in the unique activity of sailing will make your holiday more interesting and exciting.