Jonas organizes since 1988 leisure and tourism activities, sport and cultural events all over Europe. We work to promote an eco-friendly tourism, with a low impact on the environment. Our holidays have a soft approach, but with a new spirit. Jonas represents a new way to conceive the journey, traditional places or unusual countries, there is no difference. We promote a soft mobility therefore we offer cycling tours, sailing boat cruises, trekking and hiking in the mountains, horseback riding, nordic walking, rafting and so on...

Jonas has been organizing active holidays all over Europe for 25 years. Our main aim is to promote holidays with a low environmental footprint such as cycling, sailing, trekking, hiking, nordic walking, nordic skiing, snow shoeing. Not only travelling activities, but also enjoying food and drinks and discovering new cultures. Indoor and outdoor activities close to most beautiful natural areas in Italy, Europe and all over the world, to suit all tastes ===>>

Jonas represents a new travelling concept, be it towards well trodden destinations or unusual places, with a range of solutions that gives those travelling on their own the benefit of being with a group and those instead, travelling in a group the freedom of the independent traveller, with constant attention to safeguarding the quality and good value of our holidays.

Our holidays are always great opportunities to generate new ways of being together. Unprecedented possibilities to discover diverse and richer human relationships, rather than sterile and superficial, with the possibility of forming deeper and more open relationships by sharing personal experiences and enhancing what makes each individual life history unique and unrepeatable.

Jonas holidays are open to everybody:
 single people, couples, friends, colleagues and families, of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and in particular, those young at heart. You travel alone? It’s not a problem: you don’t have to stress your best friend to follow you, and most of all you don’t have to responsible for someone you forced to come with you. In our groups you will find people with the same interest you have, and the holiday will be an opportunity to meet new people sharing with you the same experience.